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The term “Web Components” is vague and used to refer to a group of W3C browser specs that are still undergoing change.

Because of this it would be misleading or confusing to refer to a visual software component as a “web component” unless it made use of the Custom Element API at a bare minimum.

The content as of 10/14 is essentially 1st draft material.

I invite everyone to point out mistakes both spelling and grammar, as well as, technical.

The downside is much less commission than for traditional distribution channels, but that did not matter because I wasn’t interested in making money as a professional author.

I contacted the editor, and asked for a contract termination so I could move it over to Lean Pub.

I thought that this would be a worthwhile topic and proposed it to the publisher.

They were looking for a “me too” book on building a web app with Angular JS. There were already some good Angular JS books on the market with many more far along in the publishing pipeline.Therefore, interim updates to sections with info that has fallen out of date will appear in these information blocks with updates and corrections pending permanent integration with the existing chapter.This source code for the first 2/3rds of this book is available on Git Hub.I’m also soliciting your feedback on content, and how to make it more useful for UI engineers as a practical guide for visual component architecture. This book is being updated frequently with critical information, and the only way to be notified of major updates is if you give Lean Pub your email for notifications on the purchase input form.Update notifications will be sent at most once per month, and no spam.

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